About Duncan Pardon

About Duncan Pardon

Duncan is our junior content creator. He works closely with Eilidh supporting the social media strategies for our clients. His educational background in game development gives him a more unique ability to view different ways of making engaging content as well as support testing UX/UI of websites.

Duncan supports E2E Studios by running monthly analytical reports for our clients and reviewing what needs to be done to support SEO growth to maximise conversations and user retention. He currently works with us part time as he continues his studies in game development.

What does Duncan do at E2E Studios?

Supports Eilidh with content creation on social media aswell as blog posts and website data.

Collates and analyses monthly reporting data and carries out keyword research for businesses to help them grow.

Reviews website UX/UI to create a key plan of action to allow businesses to provide a better user experience.

More about Duncan

  • Duncan is currently working on building his own game in his spare time, watch this space!
  • Enjoys playing online games with his friends (currently Final Fantasy)
  • Studying Game Development at College.