3 Reasons You Should Be Updating Your Website

3 Reasons You Should Be Updating Your Website

Your website is often the first impression potential customers will have of your business, so it needs to look the part and work. All too often, web design agencies will sell you a website and then move on to the next client offering little in the way of advice or even what you need to do to maintain your website. Website maintenance is critical not only for its daily functioning but also to help boost its presence in the search engines and reach those all-important potential customers. This blog will outline the 3 top reasons you should be performing regular maintenance tasks or hiring someone to do them for you and why.

3 Reasons You Should Be Updating Your Website

Website Security

All websites can be vulnerable to hacking and security flaws, whether made with a content management system or hand-coded. Keeping on top of your website maintenance allows the chances of your website being hijacked or leaking data to hackers. Not only could this land you in deep water with the law, but it could also render your website useless. 

Taking steps to ensure that your website is regularly updated and backed up if any issues arise is the best way to avoid any problems. Our advice would be to create a schedule, say once a week or month, to log in to your website and take a full backup and perform any required updates to things like WP plugins or CMS updates etc. 

Content Updates

Content updates have HUGE benefits for your website and business that all are intertwined in one way or another. The main benefits to updating your website content are:

  • Improved SEO
  • Improved brand presence
  • Gives your website users something new to look at/read
  • Builds authority in your niche

All of the above reasons are critical to your website, helping your business stand out against the backdrop of your competitors both in the search engines and in general. 

Adding new content can be as easy as adding new blog posts, sprucing up a landing page to make it more effective, or even re-purposing some of your social media content to add something new and different to your website. Critically – whatever content you put on your website must be relevant to your brand and niche. If it is not helping your website connect with your customers or assisting the business in growth, it should never be on your website. 

Design Changes

In the digital world, things move very fast, and what was a given good practice in 2019 is probably long forgotten and could be harming your conversion rates. Keeping up with the latest design trends or marketing techniques should be part of a regular website maintenance program, even if it is just minor changes such as testing new sections or adding additional calls to action to pages or changing up the layout of an underperforming page. 

Keep an eye on your website performance metrics, highlight any underperforming content or pages and make changes to them to see if this can be improved. Also, keep one eye on any changes to the other sites in your niche: is there a new way of operating or new marketing tactic that you could implement? 


There are many reasons that it is a good idea to update your website, and the above is just a very high-level overview of just 3 of them. Each has more in-depth reasons to complete them. Knowing what updates to complete and when can be tricky, so sometimes it is worth speaking with a professional to help with this – more so if you are not tech-savvy!

The team here at E2E Studios hope you have found our blog helpful and that it has answered your questions! You can find more of our guides and how-to posts in our  blog section .   

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