Do I Need a Website for My Construction Business?

Do I Need a Website for My Construction Business?

If you own a construction business, be it a builder, electrician, joiner, roofer or another construction industry professional, you might ask yourself: Do I need a website for my construction business? Whilst the answer to this is entirely based on your circumstances, we will run through some significant benefits to having a website in this blog post!

Do I Need a Website for My Construction Business

Ownership & Visibility

One of the most common objections you will hear about not having a website is to do with that you use platforms such as:

  • Yell
  • Checkatrade
  • MyBuilder
  • Which
  • Social media

These platforms have the same common issues: you do not own them, nor do you control how they are used or how your company is displayed. 

Having a website for your construction business lets you fully control how your customer journey starts, and you own it. You do not have to pay massive commissions to use it, nor do you have to limit the information available on it. To a certain extent, you can also say that your direct competitors are not as viable to the user as they are on some of these platforms. 

It makes It Easier To Be Found

Research and figures show that as many as 46% of the 8 billion Google searches performed daily are people looking for local goods and services. How we find goods and services has been changing for over a decade; gone are the days of the BT Directory or the Yellow Pages, and those practices are consigned to the past. If your construction business is not showing up online, you are helping your competitors grow.  

A website will make you stand out online in these local searches, as Google wants to satisfy the user’s intent. If they are searching for a local builder or electrician near me – if your website meets that search intent, then the user will find you. 

Do I Need a Website for My Construction Business

Allows for an Online Portfolio

Have you ever heard the expression, “you can tell someone what you do, or you can show them”? A website lets you showcase your skills with an online portfolio, where visitors can see your work and learn more about it. 

Being able to show people what you do rather than tell them is one of the significant benefits of having a website. This does not have to be major in-depth case studies; it can just be images and a few words about projects you have worked on or helped customers with. 

Become a Trusted Expert

Figures show that even when word of mouth and other marketing channels are used, around 97% of consumers will still do an online search about a company before making a purchase. The more value attached to the service or product, the higher the consumer will do their research. 

Having a website for your construction business allows you to build up a reputation for being an expert in your field. You can do this in two ways:

  • Collect and showcase reviews
  • Build up a content bank

Collecting reviews and showcasing them allows you to build social proof – where potential customers can see you have been and can be trusted to do the job. 

Building your website with a blog or Q&A pages is your chance to communicate with people looking for answers and build trust that you are an expert in your field. This also has the added benefit of helping your marketing and SEO efforts, as your website will have more keywords and answer more of the questions people use Google and other search engines to find answers to.

How E2E Studios Can Help You

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How Can E2E Studios Help?

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