Google Core Ranking Update

Google's algorithm is constantly changing, and in June 2021 Google rolled out the "Core Update," which changes how they rank websites. In this blog post, we'll go over what the update entails and how you can stay on top of it to ensure your site ranks well. 

We'll be updating you more as this update was ready to be a doozie! So large in fact that Google couldn't get it all live at once and next month there will be another update with further changes. Google looks to review it's core search engine algorithm every 6 months or so (and usually all in one day!) Straight after the update you generally see some changes.

What Changes to expect?

1. The change worked in your favour and you've increased in your ranking 2. Oh No! Bad news you're now on page 16 of Google and all that hard work feels for naught.

If you're in step 2, don't worry I've detailed below some of the core fundamentals to get you back on the right path!

What has Google states around this announcement?

As usual Google stay pretty tight lipped like Colonel Sanders and his secret 11 herbs and spices! This leaves SEO specialists to gauge, guess and estimate what changes are affecting the website performance within the Google Indexing. Here's a few of the core fundamentals that supports your rankings within the world of the biggest search engine.

Fresh Content

Reinvigorating your content with fresh and relevant information:  This is a no brainer, if you're not updating the information on your site regularly then what's there to rank for? It can be something as simple as adding in new links or images. If you're looking at it from an SEO perspective then news/blogs are a real winner. Google wants to send users to active and engaging websites, if you keep your website static then as far as Google knows your site isn't up to date.

Keyword Density

It's a well-known fact that keyword density has an impact on how your site ranks in the Google search engine. It doesn't have to be high but if you're not including any keywords then there's no way for it to rank highly, at all. So make sure you've got them littered throughout! There's a fine line here though, why are you ranking on Google? The key reason is to get more people visiting your website and engaging with your content or converting sales, you need to ensure that even with keywords a prospective new client or reading can read through your content. Which is better to read?

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The key to ranking is in the content, not keywords! Make sure you're using a variety of words and phrases throughout your blog post - it's all about balance. You need both more than one search term (keyword) but also other words that are relevant to whatever your article or content might be on; otherwise without them.

Website Speed

I just can't bang on about this more! Website Speed is one of the biggest elements of your site you need to focus on. If Google believes your website will take too long to load then why would it send their users there? Ultimately Googles service is to answer your question or find what you're searching for and the ensure the experience is smooth. Try a  website speed test  today. Realistically your website should load in less than 2 seconds. If someone is finding something and there's loads of results on Google, they click on yours and are getting annoyed waiting they'll hit back and find another! - It can also affect the user experience of someone visiting your page from their smartphone or tablet device particularly if they're on data as downloading speeds are significantly slower.

Search Intent

Google wants to ensure that the search intent of their users is fulfilled. How many times have you performed a search and immediately either re-worded your search or clicked on a link and pressed the back key! Google's overall goal is to ensure users are getting what they need faster, if you sell cakes and someone searches for "The Perfect Cake Recipe" and your site is found because you keep re-writing the word recipe even though you offer no recipes Google will downrank you as it knows people are leaving your site immediately and odds are you are trying to game the system. However, if you offer the service to sell cakes and people are finding you for "Order a birthday cake in Stockport" then that's a whole new ball game. Think about what kind of trigger words people will be using to find your website.

Mobile Friendly

With 63% of all Google searches being done via a mobile device Google wants to ensure that  the mobile user experience is on par with the desktop. Google's algorithm will give a higher ranking to sites that are mobile friendly as they want their users there. 


There's not really a conclusion when it goes to SEO and it changes to fast and we'll have another update within the next month! We'll be here to dissect what the changes are looking like and how you can get a handle on your rankings. 

The team here at E2E Studios hope you have found our blog helpful and that it has answered your questions! You can find more of our guides and how-to posts in our  blog section .   


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