How Can SEO Help My Business?

How Can SEO Help My Business?

Are you thinking about investing in SEO? Are you asking yourself questions such as, can SEO help my business? Never fear E2E are here to tell you what SEO is and how it can help your business grow! 

How Can SEO Help My Business?

What Exactly Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and involves optimising your entire online presence and website for increased website traffic and brand visibility. SEO is not just about getting your website to number one in Google, but about ensuring that your website is viable to web search engine users looking for anything from answers to questions or products/services that relate to your business. 

How Does SEO Work?

SEO is a complex process that would need an entire blog to explain it fully. However, to make a long story short, SEO ensures that your website is indexable to search engines in the best possible way and that your content matches the user’s search intent. 

For example, if you search for a local plumber, you expect to see search engine results for local plumbers, not electricians. If you are a local plumber, you want to ensure that your website is optimised enough that the search engines have indexed and ranked it well enough that the user sees your links and clicks them. 

Why Is SEO Important?

To know why search engine optimisation is important is to ask a question. 

What is the point of owning a website if no one uses it? 

SEO, despite its complexities, is a fantastic marketing tool that allows your business to be found online and ensures that your website is being used for its intended purpose of helping your business grow. SEO also encompasses aspects of website design such as website speed and flow, which all contribute to the overall user experience – so making your website more enjoyable and easy to use will help with conversions – and make your business more profitable in the long run. 

So as you can see, SEO is more than just ranking top of search engines; it is and should be the core of your website and marketing strategy. 

How Can SEO Help My Business?

Now we have touched on what SEO is and how it works, albeit briefly, we can tell you how it can help your business grow. Firstly we will advise that if you are looking into starting SEO for your business, it is not a quick fix, and there are no shortcuts. Good SEO takes time to build and deliver results, so any SEO consultant or agency offering guaranteed or immediate results is probably taking shortcuts that could lead to disastrous consequences for your website, but that is a topic for another day! 

SEO can help your business by:

Increased Website Traffic & Qualified Leads

This is not just any website traffic; this is SEO website traffic…

Ok, we might have used a well know supermarket slogan and tweaked it a little there, but the concept is the same and to badly regurgitate another famous saying:

Not all website traffic is equal…some are more equal than others…

The point we are badly trying to convey is that SEO can boost your website traffic, but not just random visits that read the post/page title and run for the hills, the kind of traffic that is looking for your goods and services, aka qualified leads. 

A well-crafted and executed SEO strategy can ensure that your website is seen by the people looking for your products and services and entice them to your website, where your content and flawless design should help convert them into customers. 

Brand Awareness

Brands do not just rock up on a Monday morning and boom; they are a success. They take time to cultivate and nurture. search engine optimisation helps with this. As mentioned above, if your SEO strategy is on point and well-executed, your brand will be attracting the right kinds of website traffic, which over time helps cultivate brand awareness – your business brand becomes associated with the type of goods/services. We have touched on this in another blog post:  How and Why to Build Brand Awareness , so we will not go too in-depth about it here. 


With over 8 billion Google searches per day – chances are if you are selling it or providing a service, someone is searching for it. That figure is even higher when you factor in that Google is just one of the search engines available for people to use. If people want to know something or find it, they don’t search social media, and they don’t look under the stairs cupboard and dig out an old copy of the Yellow Pages – they open up their web browser and search for it. 

Investment in SEO makes sure that your business is there front and centre when they do, be it answering a question for them, selling them a product or servicing a need. Your business should be there doing all that for them via your website. 

So there we have it to sum up this entire post in a few short words – search engine optimisation is about helping your business stand out online and helping it to grow. If you need any help or advice with your business search engine optimisation why not speak to the team here at E2E where we have a full team of experts on hand to help you get started! 

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