How to Create the Perfect Landing Page

How to Create the Perfect Landing Page

Everyone has heard of a web page and blogs but have you heard about landing pages? Landing pages are a fantastic way to help your business showcase its products or services in an SEO friendly way that targets specific search terms being used by potential customers and ensure that they not only land on your website when looking for them but also convert them into customers at the same time. This blog is going to outline how to assemble the perfect landing page for your business website and what you need to have on it to ensure it converts those clicks from Google to customers!

How to Create the Perfect Landing Page

What Is a Landing Page?

There is nothing technically speaking differently about a landing page than any other page or blog on your website, but there are certain aspects of it that are designed to be more SEO friendly to make them stand out in the search engine results and need to have aspects designed into them to help drive your website conversion rate. The goal for any successful landing page is to increase conversions to achieve your marketing objectives and increase profits.

Before You Start

Make sure your website is optimised before you start thinking about creating specific landing pages as a landing page on its own won’t drive more site visitors it needs to be part of an overall SEO and marketing strategy. Landing pages are simply one cog of an overall project to drive more leads to your business. The best way to do this is to perform an SEO audit and look for weak links in your website and fix these. Then you can start to think about the wider issues such as adding landing pages.

Landing pages tend to have a very specific purpose such as:

  • Lead generation/lead capture
  • Mailing list growth
  • Service promotion
  • Product information/sales lead generation

When creating landing pages, you must first determine how you want the page to do, is it to capture emails for a newsletter? Promote a specific product or service or subset of the main service (like web design services and specific types of web design services such as eCommerce websites), or other purposes. Once you have the goal you want to communicate you can start to formulate the customer journey on the page and how soon you want them to interact. Known by many names but marketing consultants will sometimes refer to this as “the funnel”, as you want to grab the customers attention, hook them in, and funnel them towards an end goal.

What Every Landing Page Needs

If you want your landing page to convert visitors to customers there are a few things you are going to need to add to it to make it work, simply throwing together some fancy words and adding them to a page simply won’t do. Below are the top things that when combined together will create a killer landing page that pushes your conversion rates up:

Attention-Grabbing Headline

You have very limited time to grab someone’s attention, so grab it quickly with an attention-grabbing headline that makes the reader want to know more. A good headline will compel a visitor to want to know more and learn more about what you are offering. It needs to tell them what the product or service is and what it is about and be no more than 15-20 words maximum – so choose your words carefully!

Explanatory Subheadings

Your headline is to grab their attention and make them want to know more, your subheadings need to keep them on the page. The average person will skim over a page at first and read the headlines at a glance, so your sub-headlines need to offer them enough information to keep them on the page reading more, and go into a bit more detail than your main headline.

Images & Graphics

Humans are visual beings, in that we respond to visual elements more than anything else. Ensure that your images/graphics or even videos on the landing page are designed in line with the brand guidelines and or represent the service overall. The key to website graphics and images is the quality – low-quality images will ruin your chances of converting visitors into customers – as they remember these more than most other aspects of your website.

The Explanation

Your headlines grab them, sub-headlines keep them interested, images spark their interest and then you need to tell them the benefits of your products or services. If a potential customer doesn’t understand what your product or service is about, you’ve lost them. So a straightforward explanation is crucial. Try not to get too deep at the top of your landing page, but don’t miss anything out either. A good way to do this can be to add lots of value proposition at the top – high-level benefits etc then add a section towards the bottom of the landing page with an FAQ section that can act as both a commonly asked questions section and allows you to link to other parts of the website where more in-depth answers can be found.

Sell the Benefit and the Problem

All your landing page content needs to focus on selling two things – the problem and the solution. 99% of all services are designed around pain points that people have, and to have an effective landing page you need to sell both to the customer. Address the issues that your product or service solves and exactly how it does so.

The call to action: The high converting landing pages that we have created here at E2E Micro all have one major thing in common – the call to action! If you do not tell your website visitors how to access or indeed how to find out more – they won’t go looking for it! Good landing page design factors in how you want the customer journey to go – from the moment they land on the page to the exit plan or data capture plan. Be this signing up to a mailing list, buying a product or filling in a contact form for more details, they will all need a call to action in place. This can be a banner with a button to link to another part of the website, a contact form to capture details or even an image with a link to another page. Whatever your chosen method it needs to grab the attention and be strategically placed to work best.


To create a strong landing page you do need to ensure that the whole page is not only on brand but is functional, in essence, it needs the Goldilocks approach – too much of anything isn’t good, too little of aspects and it is still not good – but for a perfect landing page, the design, the content and the approach needs to be just right! If you need any help in creating the perfect landing page for your business why not speak to us here at E2E? 

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