How to use video content to boost your marketing strategy

If content is king, then video content is second in line to the throne.

Video content is extremely popular and has been dominating our news feeds and Explore Pages for a while now. If your business isn’t incorporating video content into your marketing strategy, you could be seriously missing out.
In this blog, we’ll be giving you a quick rundown of how to use video content for your business, so that you’ll be able to say lights camera action in no time. 

Why should my business be creating video content?

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with content, video seems to be coming out on top. Wyzowl found that 94% of video marketers say video content has played a part in increasing user understanding of their product or service - pretty impressive. 
Watching a video requires little effort - it’s a digestible way to consume information. You can put a video on in the background while you do the washing up and still take in the message shared, which is something you can’t do with a blog post. 
Wyzowl also reported that people are two times more likely to share video content with their friends compared to any other form of content. This means that creating videos could be a fantastic way to spread your business’s message to new potential leads. 

Incorporate video into your marketing strategy

But before you whip out your camera, it’s vital to carefully consider your overall marketing strategy and where video content fits in. 
There are lots of different platforms and lots of different styles of videos, from lighthearted super short-form videos, to longer videos such as Q&As and how-tos.
The kind of content you should be making depends on who you want to target. You should already have a good understanding of your target audience, so the next step is to determine where they hang out online. Where do they want to view your video? Younger folk tend to enjoy TikTok and Instagram, whereas Facebook is popular with older generations, to give you a quick example. 

Keep on top of video content trends

It’s a smart idea to take advantage of what’s trending at the moment if your target audience doesn’t have a specific age range, or if you’ve already been trying video content but had disappointing results.
Facebook prioritises videos which are longer than three minutes and have a good watch time, plus live videos. Instagram on the other hand is focusing on much shorter video content with their Reels feature. 
Reels are similar to TikToks - they are bitesize 15 or 30 second videos that are seriously addictive to scroll through! You’ve probably noticed that you’re seeing lots of Reels videos on your Explore Page, and this is because Instagram is giving them a push right now - if you try out a Reel, you may find that it gets lots of views very quickly. 
Keeping on top of trends and being swift in trying out new features can help your video content to be more visible. 

Find your business’ unique video style 

Wherever you publish your videos, they should be relevant, on-brand and entertaining. 
When you're hanging out online, what stops you from immediately scrolling past a video post? Those that that grab your attention are probably not pushy adverts or dense, poorly presented informational videos.  
Be creative, get inspiration online and remember that while it’s always good to be professional, it can sometimes be just as valuable to not take yourself too seriously. 
We know it can be awkward to put yourself in the limelight, but video content is a great opportunity to showcase the personality of your brand and really connect with your audience. And the more videos you make, the less self-conscious you will become. 
Break a leg!