Julia Bracewell Now Live

After speaking to Julia Bracewell I can now confirm she is the most accomplished woman I have ever met. As a fencing Olympic, lawyer and author that's saying something! It has been amazing learning about Julia in particular how she continues to push what she can do now by writing a book.

Another site has gone live showcasing the work of history buff extraordinaire Julia Bracewell who contacted us to help build this one-of-a kind web platform for all things - her articles on women throughout history as well as access to some incredible photos documenting what she has been learning and how she has been able to research everything for her up and coming book!

During lockdown Julia had been busy writing her own book about the highwaywoman Mary Bryant, her mysterious inheritance and the kindness shown to her by the biographer James Boswell

How did E2E Support Julia

Julia already had some prior experience with websites whilst supporting a local community. Julia already had an idea of how she wanted the site to look and function. We then got to work helping her choose the right colour scheme and branding that matched her needs. Connecting her Instagram account to the platform and setting up newsletter systems so she can keep everyone up to date with her adventures!

Do check out  https://juliabracewell.com  - Definitely if you are interested in history!!!

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