Power of Colour

Colour is a powerful tool in your toolbox - there are many positive and negative connotations with all colours. When it comes to branding, the colour can make or break a strong design.

The connotations and assumptions associated with colour is called “Colour Psychology” - these are both conscious and subconscious reactions to colours.

Here are some examples of brands that make use of colour psychology:

The all-mighty McDonalds brand

Not only is it a universally-recognised brand, the colours used in the brand are there to promote certain feelings and subconscious response to seeing the golden arches. Red is used in a lot of fast-food chains logos as red is considered to be the most appetising colour on the spectrum.

The golden arches are a bright yellow that has the assumption of being happy and energetic. The combination of red and yellow gives the feeling of fast food.

Have a look at the various fast-food chain logos and see if you can count how many have red in them!

Social Media Blues?

If you look at social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook do you notice the running theme of blue?

Blue is considered a corporate and trusting colour, the secondary effect of blue is the feeling of calm that comes with it. Social media platforms want you to trust them and their policies as well as use them for both personal and business purposes. Blue lends itself to both corporate and personal qualities.

If you look at popular brands - Samsung, Ford, Royal Bank of Scotland, Intel and Paypal to name a few - they all have blue in their logo.

Fun Fact about blue

A YouGov study suggests it is the  world’s favourite colour , mutually preferred by 40% of males and 24% of females.

What do the colours in your branding say about you?

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