Remember to Keep Motivated

Are you struggling to keep motivated with the challenges that 2020 has thrown at you?

As the year slowly crawls to the finish line it has become harder for business owners and employees alike to stay motivated in their work and the temptation to wind down for the festive period has an almost magnetic pull, but do not give in to that pull just yet!

E2E Studios have reached out to businesses of all sizes to see how they have been keeping motivated throughout 2020 and complied a list that we hope will help some of you. Some of these practices will be beneficial as we move into 2021.

1. Plan Your Day

Be it a to-do list that you can mark off each task as it is completed or spending a few minutes each morning building a mental list of what to do that day will help to keep you going as you have set yourself deadlines. These tasks can be something as small as taking 5 minutes to call a loved one, making a meal from fresh ingredients or something more business-related and a bigger task such as getting a new client to be signed up for that day. The tasks however should not be stress-inducing and realistic so that at the end of the day you can feel a sense of accomplishment even if you are not able to complete your list fully.

2. Try Something New

Have you been putting off going trying a new class or taking up a new hobby? Why not use some downtime to give it a go? Trying something new can break the stagnation of doing the same things every day and bring something new into your daily life. Your new hobby and class create new connections and you never know what a new connection can lead to.

3. Help Others

Helping others brings a sense of accomplishment. What better motivation than knowing at the end of the day you have helped someone else by giving that snippet of advice or that platform for the company or person's voice to be heard. You could change someone's life. If you aren’t sure where to start or volunteer to get that sense of accomplishment, check out  The Peoples Hub .

4. Write Positive Notes

It is easy to fall into negative thinking, especially when there is not much of an outlet to go and enjoy yourself as well as being limited to how many people you can meet up and catch up with. Writing positive notes and placing them where you can see them every day can start your day on the right footing. These positive notes can be reminders of your achievements or quotes from those who inspire you.

5. Take Up Exercise

Exercise is great for the mind as well as the body. Take time away from work and do something positive for yourself! Exercise does not have to be a chore or have high intensity, there are lots of forms of exercise that require little to no equipment such as Pilates. Getting fit also does not have to be expensive, a run in the park is free and there are some great platforms offering classes for as little as £1.50. Check out  Train Me Live  for a range of classes if you are unsure of where to start!

6. Set Some Time Aside

It is difficult to turn off from work, but it is incredibly important to take some time to yourself and to spend time with your family or those closest to you. This will remind you of what you are working for and give you a chance to refresh and get ready for the next round.

7. Network

Networking is not just about getting new business through the door, so to speak, it is also about building connections and friendships within and out with your industry. Working on your own or from home can become lonely so make sure to break up your week with a bit of human interaction, even if it is just via a video call, and get yourself out there. Networking can be a major source of support and motivation if you feel you are needing some help. Facebook has many groups that are free to join if you aren’t sure where to start, give  The UK Digital Network  a go!

8. Remember

Always remember that although 2020 has been difficult there will be an end to the struggle. The time and effort you put in now to get your business established and get your name out there can only benefit you going into 2021.

Keep going and here’s to 2021 being better for everyone, everywhere.

The team here at E2E Studios hope you have found our blog helpful and that it has answered your questions! You can find more of our guides and how-to posts in our  blog section .   


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