Selling Online Part 2

It's time for part 2 of our marketplace and e-commerce blogs! Today, we're looking at the scalability of each platform. But first, what do we mean by scalability - and how does that help your business?

What is Scalability?

Scalability is a measure of how your business grows and whether or not it has room to grow - and if it's on the right platform that allows for it to happen.

As you sell more or offer more services, you will want to add more information on what you provide. To add these features and functions you will need to be on a platform that allows for this flexibility. As you grow, your business must grow with you. You are better off giving the business the room to grow than stifling it at an early stage. Grow your trustability as you grow your business.

Think of it like this: Your business generates more sales (product or service) - you are able to manage and provide more - the platform allows you to showcase this - the more sales you get, the more traffic you get and noticeability of your products or service goes up.


A marketplace is good to get started, but it does not leave you much room to grow. Why is this?

A marketplace doesn’t leave much room for you to give updates about what you are up to. You are on a platform that is crowded with people offering similar (or even the same) products and services with the same reach you will be getting, unless you are willing to pay a monthly fee to open up new features that can make you stand out and try to draw more traffic to you. Marketplaces are often a pay-to-win service.

The way your brand, products and information is displayed is constrained by the platform's rules. There are some workarounds but more often than not it's easier to just start again on another platform, costing more in the long run.


This platform gives you flexibility and the chance to add the details and services you need - there is no monthly fee for creating a new page with features you need!

Updates can be blog posts, new pages, products, images and banners. There are so many options to really showcase and grow your business. You can also draw more traffic organically (for free) by doing these updates: a blog post that shows off what you can do, or an informative piece on a subject. Someone who isn't sure about this subject will search for it, giving you click-throughs - and you may make a sale by showing off your expertise. Your voice is heard without having to pay extra for “premium” features.

Your branding, products and information can be shown as you want it to be shown: no restrictions, no limits imposed by how the platform wants you to showcase yourself and your brand. Scale your business your way, not the way another platform tells you to.

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