Selling Online Part 3

No business can grow and get you the sales you need without some quality marketing.

Many businesses rely on word of mouth and personal recommendations. That is a powerful tool in itself, but you still need to reach those who haven’t heard of you.

There are many options for a business to reach people, including traditional means such as adverts in the right publication, flyers and brochures (print still has its place - don’t forget that!). The digital means are currently more effective with more businesses coming online to survive the current economy, as well as people using platforms such as Facebook to recommend services.

To reach people on these platforms, creating organic content that your customers/clients can see and learn from is a great way to both keep existing clients interested and get new clients engaged in the brand, products or services. Paid content such as adverts can reach those outsides of your circle and get your business put in front of the people who may be looking for your product or service.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is another way to gain more traffic and reach more potential customers/clients. This is something that is built into a website that helps you rank on results from search engines such as Google. This kind of traffic is from people who are looking for your product or service only and are not sure where to go. SEO involves carefully crafting content and keywords with the intention to help search engines get the most out of your website.

Further to SEO and social media marketing, there is an integration called Facebook pixel which helps in re-targeting individuals who have previously been onto your site but possibly didn't make an enquiry or a purchase. This places adverts of your business directly in front of people who previously had an interest in what you are providing.

Now that we have covered the marketing side briefly, let's talk about how it works on each platform.


With this platform, you are often restricted to the SEO that is already built into it and to run a pixel you have to be on a platform that allows it which more often than not it won’t allow so say goodbye to potential retargeting of previously interested individuals.

You will also come across paid features to make adverts on the specific platform or to boost SEO but that is often a pay when you need it service than a long-term marketing plan.

Basically, you limit yourself to the marketplaces SEO which is not tailored to your service, products or area you are in, the adverts and retargeting on these platforms are again limited to the platform's templates and retargeting if the platform allows it isn’t as powerful as it would be.


Having your own platform (as we have said previously) allows for complete control and provides the means to be as flexible as you need to grow your business.

An e-commerce site allows for retargeting with a Facebook pixel, directing traffic to the website and guiding the client to the product or service you are wanting to promote.

The SEO of a website can be tailored to have keywords which are related to your business and your area. SEO is a way to get organic traffic by increasing your rank on search engines.

You are not limited to a platforms set SEO and you can tailor marketing to grow your business long term at no extra pay as you need costs.

Overall you want a good quality content that clients can engage with for your marketing. This can be anything from showcasing products, useful information in a blog post or just becoming relatable to your target audience. You don’t want to be producing quick content that is poor quality and doesn’t give a clear message.

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