What Is a Brochure Website?

Brochure websites are a great way to introduce your business to the world via the internet to tell everyone who you are and what you do. They are usually the most simple websites that do not require any eCommerce, booking or payment handling functions and are typically made up of a few pages and a contact form. This blog post will give you all the information on brochure websites to help you know if you need one and how it can benefit your business. 

What Is a Brochure Website?

What Is a Brochure Website?

The easiest way to think of a brochure website is a digital business card; only it's a digital business card, flyer and contact handling system combined. They contain all the vital information about your business, such as what you do, your prices if applicable and where to find you or contact you.   

Your brochure website needs to contain as much information about your business as possible. Think of it as a way of letting potential customers know things they need to know to make a decision to use your business or not. It should always have the following aspects built-in:

  • Goods/services you offer.
  • Links to social media.
  • Preferred contact methods and where to find you. 
  • About your business.
  • Company branding and logo.
  • Any legal documents such as terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Who Needs a Brochure Website?

The digital age has been around for over a decade now and shows no signs of ever slowing down. Gone are the days of the BT Directory or the Yellow Pages - if you want to find local goods or services, you head to Google. If your business does not have a website, it is missing out on potential customers - and this is where a brochure website comes in. We can confidently say that pretty much all small business owners should have a website with that in mind. A substantial portion of those will require a brochure website - as they might not need the other features such as booking systems or eCommerce systems. 

The Benefits of Having a Brochure Website

As mentioned above, we live in the digital age, and if your business is not online, then it is losing out - it really is that simple! Websites have benefits that go beyond just simply being online, such as:

  • Websites build trust between your business and potential customers.
  • Better local SEO and reach for people looking for goods/services.
  • You own it, unlike your social media profile. 
  • Unlike your social media profile, you are in control of how it looks.
  • Allows you to stand out from the crowd easier and showcase your business in its best light. 

Don't get us wrong, we know many small business owners rely on their social media profiles to drum up new revenue and reach new potential customers. But organic reach on social media is tough to come by, much harder than a website! 

Being online also adds credibility to your business and builds a bridge of trust between you and your customers. A growing number of people will check a website and the business credentials before engaging with them or hiring them for a service. If you don't have a website, you break that trust before you even get a chance to speak to them. 

Is a Brochure Website Right for My Business? 

Truth is - it depends! If you need an online presence for your business that does not require the ability to take online bookings, payments or eCommerce functions, then a brochure website is for you. Brochure websites should always have the option of expanding on the initial purpose, too, as and when your business may require it. 

Speak to us today if you are unsure about your options or need any assistance getting a brochure website for your small business. We are the experts in helping small business owners get an online presence that works as hard as they do for their business. We can help you get the online presence you need to drive your business forward and generate new leads.

Here at E2E, we are experts in small businesses and how they operate and here to take the strain from your shoulders when it comes to getting an online presence that works for you. We are a team of dedicated small business specialists who know precisely what it takes

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