Why Did We Form E2E Studios?

This is a question we've been asked several times, but I've never actually sat down and typed out why!

So what's our background?

Matthew & I (Michael) had previously worked for several companies in the past, both solo and as a team, developing and designing websites. We often shared ideas and collaborated on larger scale projects as we both had our strengths and weaknesses, but with a similar mindset when it came to engaging with our clients.

We had so much feedback around how we conducted our business and the websites we developed. We also heard so many 'war stories' of clients previous developers we decided to form E2E Studios and build a business that's prime drive is to do everything that's needed for our clients.

What makes us different?

I wouldn't profess to state this is unique to ourselves as I've met a large amount of supportive and creative people within our industry, but the same as other professions there are individuals and businesses that look at their short term goals of bringing in funds from one client and then moving onto the next. 

I have always been baffled with how companies deal with some of their clients. As far as we are concerned our business wouldn't be growing without our customers and engaging with them throughout the journey. Here's a brief example of when one of my clients contacted me.

The client was wanting to create an application selling clothing with a social media feel (similar to that of Pinterest in design). He was based in Manchester and he hired a firm in London. They charged the client £20,000 to build the application and gave a deadline of 9 months for completion. For the following few months there was a void of feedback. The client decided to chase them to get an update as they hadn't even seen a design. They contacted the client and discussed that they were working on it and there was no need for the client to see the progress at this stage.

This went on for some time, let's fast forward to the 9 month marker. At this stage the client has still not seen the design, the flow in any way, the company then contacted him saying there was going to be a month delay in completion. A month later he received an APK file (android app file) which he wasn't able to open as he was an iOS (apple) user. He asked them for an apple version and they then proceeded to say that it would be an extra £7,500 to create an apple version as they only quoted for Android. At this stage the client was frustrated and decided to leave them completely and not move forward with the project, he finally got to see the APK file and the design, flow and even a lot of the elements just didn't flow the way he wanted.

This story isn't about how E2E Studios revolutionised and fixed this persons application, because that didn't happen. He was completely burned by his previous developer, trust wasn't just gone for that developer but it tarnished others with the client, now uncertain about what to do as they don't want to risk another loss of funds. The application was ultimately shelved and never went forward. He did go on to start a new project which we built for him and that was  Train Me Live

How are we different?

Compared to that example? In every single way. We started this business to work with clients for the long term, we form relationships with our clients where trust is one of our biggest pillars, I have clients contacting me to discuss potential ideas and options for their business model to help them grow, we are here to help and grow, we aren't here for short term gain.

What about staff?

We are a very small team. We are part of several communities via Slack & Facebook with other professionals. We started talking to another professional that worked for a company offering social media for small companies, I was talking to one of their staff that was upset for the work she was producing. The philosophy of where she worked was to keep selling and bringing in new clients. New clients got the attention and after that initial burst they were given around 5 hours of attention per month.

The part that made her unhappy is she didn't get the sense of doing the right thing by the client, her work felt unfinished and she was ultimately unfulfilled. She was "told off" for not hitting targets, working on items she was asked not to work on.

What was my response? I'll hire you at E2E. We want people whose main focus is growing their clients and nurturing them. Each of our clients knows that if they emailed us, gave us a call we'll be there to help them. So we hired Eilidh as part of our team and she has been exceptional with supporting clients and going above and beyond for them.


Is E2E Studios the cheapest development option?


We aren't the cheapest on the market, we aren't a task in, task out business. A client comes to us and says: I want a website to rent out my home to people with a calendar, it's £65 per night. We could do that, but what we do is ask questions.

1. Do you own one property or multiple? 2. Do you have aspirations to have more properties? 3. Does the price change seasonally?

Based on this we knew that she wanted to grow her business with more properties, so we didn't quote a system that had a property for rent, we built a system that allowed her to manage multiple properties, change prices seasonally and blockout days manually if people contacted her directly. 

We build our sites for the longterm of a business not the here and now, effectively saving our clients long term time and money.

Our Mission

Whilst typing up this post about why we were formed, one thing we've never done is create any form of Mission Statement and today I'd like to officially create one and share it with you. Our Mission Statement:

"To create and nurture a safe and supportive environment, to work in partnership with our clients for the long term. We do this by consulting our clients throughout the process with new ideas to help them grow"

Here at E2E, we are experts in small businesses and how they operate and here to take the strain from your shoulders when it comes to getting an online presence that works for you. We are a team of dedicated small business specialists who know precisely what it takes and have the tools, the skills and the passion for helping your business succeed online. 

E2E offer services in Web Development , Software Development, SEO , including Whitelabel Services.  Get in touch today via our contact page or Facebook , LinkedIn , Instagram or YouTube pages!