How To Get your Message Across Platforms with Kelley McNicoll

In this episode, Eilidh is joined by Kelley McNicoll in discussing how to get your message across platforms. The discussion starts with why businesses should be consistent across platforms, defining your message and how to do it. The conversation naturally progresses into why you shouldn't change your brand to mich, your brand colours and how it can adapt to trends. Kelley gives some fantastic advice about thinking of your business as a living entity and your brand as a front door to welcome people to discover more about your business. With a brand comes a niche. Kelley and Eilidh talk about how paralysing a niche can be for businesses as there is a potential for missed income opportunities. Other topics discussed are websites and SEO. The episode ends with Kelley providing her top 3 tips!

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Timestamps: 3:34 - Why should you be getting a consistent message across various platforms? 5:27 - How would you define your message? 10:32 - Your brand is a container 11:50 - Changing your brand too much 12:36 - Think of your business as a living entity 13:56 - Brand colours 14:54 - Brand and trends 19:13 - What does your brand look like? 20:12 - Building your brand dictionary, language and visuals 25:18 - Your brand is a door 28:56 - Digital is an experience 31:59 - Being a connector 40:08 - Research and your brand 41:59 - The Niche 53:03 - Websites do more 56:04 - SEO 57:40 - What are your top 3 tips?