How to use Linkedin with Rebecca Pay

Eilidh and Rebecca talk about all things Linkedin, how to use it, what a personal brand actually is - and no it's not something you need a logo to do - the repercussions of certain posts and how growing a following takes time and consistency. The conversation continues into talking about how your employee can be your best advocate for the business as well as breaking some myths and giving you some top tips on what to do on the platform.

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4:16 - How should someone present themselves on Linkedin?
10:15 - What are your thoughts on personal brands and what does that mean?
17:36 - Everyone has a different perspective
19:21 - What should someone focus on when it comes to posting on Linkedin?
24:18 - Your employees are your best advocates
28:46 - How do you generate leads on Linkedin?
31:50 - Engage
35:04 - Hitting out at competitors
36:14 - Pricing and transparency
39:29 - Rebeccas Kick-Ass CV Writing
43:21 - Busting some myths
54:31 - What are your top 3 tips?