Talking Websites

Eilidh discusses how branding works and how important it is to have branding on your website, and what they both look for in a website audit. How quickly it is for users to get to content, and what is the process for finding out what a website needs. Mike and Eilidh discuss How long it takes to build a website and the procedure for how we develop a website. They discuss how it can take longer depending on how quickly the client replies to updates, how complex the site is, and how we meet client requirements. Mike then discusses the most important question as websites move away from static content "Will I be able to update my own website and how do I do it?" Funny Question from the youtube stream "why do you guys talk funny" Then the discussion goes to what is hosting and our hosting solutions, what are APIs and what are Backlinks.

2:08 - How important is it to have a brand on your website?
4:57 - What do you look for in a website audit?
15:43 - What is your process for finding out what a website needs?
20:27 - How long does it take to make a website?
27:36 - Will I be able to update my website and how do I do it?
37:11 -Why do you guys talk funny?
37:40 - What is hosting and do you provide it?
42:35 - What are APIs? 
44:49 -  Do you have any advice as to create a link that I could easily share a 9GB file?
49:49 - What makes E2E Studios stand out?
54:46 - Video upload suggestions
57:36 - What are backlinks?