The Chats - Power Hour (17th feb)

Today's podcast focuses on the legal and technical aspects of websites. Mike runs through the reasons why you may want to choose to use a custom website over using a website builder such as WordPress. Including a discussion on additional customisation, security and functionality. The discussion then turns to website flow, the user experience, and how WordPress templates could affect website ranking. Mike and Eilidh then discuss Domain names and how important it is and what does it do, including how his opinion might differ from most people's. Eilidh then goes into depth on calls to action and their importance in getting users to where you want them to go. A strange question from the chat is "Should I own my website?" in which Mike goes through and discusses some of the problems that web builders have where you might not own your own website and why you should own your website. Finally, Eilidh and Mike discuss why websites ask for cookies and the legal reasoning behind it as well as what those cookies might be used for and whether or not content really drives traffic.

0:00 - What is a custom coded website?
4:34 - What is website flow and should it matter?
9:52 - Do templates affect my website ranking?
16:03 - How imprtant is the website domaion name and what does it do?
21:05 - What are call to actions and how important are they?
24:43 - How do we say Eilidh?
25:27 - Should I own my website?
32:41 - Do I have to have terms and condition as well as a privacy policy?
38:48 - Why do websites ask for cookies?
49:11 - Does content really drive traffic?