Things We Do

Today Mike and Eilidh talk a little bit about their role within the company. Why should you have a website, what it provides to companies and discuss the issues of using social media as your main way to conduct business including downtime and how an Australian startup lost $100mil in revenue as well discuss how these social media and online marketplaces have become crowded and difficult to stand out in, which has created this culture of constantly undercutting the competition rather than being the best product. They proceed to discuss Google Analytics and its questionable legality with regards to GDPR as well Mike mentions tools you can use to check whether or not your site is GDPR compliant. The discussion then turns to some of the custom solutions and services we offer for websites including location-specific services, custom payment solutions, and ongoing support. Then Mike and Eilidh talk about various terminology used including what is automation, what is software development, and what should be automated. And finally a discussion as to what makes E2E studios different from other developers.

2:24 - I don't have a website. Am I really missing out?
9:16 - Is Google Analytics illegal?
14:41 - Can you create a custom payment system?
19:35 - Can my website identify a user's location?
23:38 - What ongoing support do you offer?
30:53 - What is software development?
41:53 - What is Automation?
47:28 - What should I be automating?
55:19 - What makes E2E Studios different from other web developers?