Stockport Spidermen

We threw on our capes and came to the aid of the Stockport Spidermen - but how would we put across the fun and positive vibe that they bring to people? How would we meet these requirements and avoid the plain, sterile feeling that has become so common on websites today?

Every year we take on a local community project within Stockport to help and support!

It was our pleasure to work with Jason and other Stockport Heroes to create a truly unique website. It's purpose was to create a platform for heroes to share who they were and a place for children and adults to get involved in events. Underpinning everything was a need to showcase some of the amazing charities and communities that the Stockport Spidermen were raising funds for.

Eilidh got to work designing a very bespoke website, specifically optimised and designed to have a comic book theme as well as the colour schemes of Spiderman.  We built their website to showcase who the people behind the masks are, things for kids to do and track all of the amazing adventures they've been upto!

If you haven't done so already, I would seriously recommend checking out the case study and website!

Stockport Spidermen are a brilliant local group of people that come together, don a 'disguise' as a superhero and bring joy and entertainment everywhere they go!

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