Email Templates

Email Templates

Sometimes an email is just another email, but it's also an opportunity to engage with your users so make sure it tells the story you want it to! It could be a simple "confirming your registration" message but it doesn't have to be boring - you can add some flair, share more about what you do and offer to keep them engaged for the long term!


Our blogs are crafted for you and your audience in mind. We'll support you build and design a blog that speaks about you or your business! What would you expect to see?


Discuss with you your ideas and desires for what you want to get out of your emails, and what type of emails you will need


We will create fully responsive email templates to ensure they work on a wide range of different platforms


If you need support integrating it into a system like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or E2E Email we can support you!

A/B Testing

A/B Testing involves sending different types of emails to different users so you can gauge which email hits the mark better. We can set these up to really give you confidence in how well your email is doing.

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