Website Development

Creating a new platform can be a daunting task to know where to start. We work closely with our clients to support them grow and understand the next steps for their business and collaboratively build a software solution specifically engineered for their unique needs.

With a mixture of both business & technical knowledge here at E2E Studios we can anticipate your needs and come up with custom solutions to support your business.

What's the Process?

  • Discovery
    Initial discovery meeting to define and discuss what your requirements are and how we can help build it.
  • Design
    We would make initial sketches and designs to ensure the product matches your expectations and go through any changes that may be necessary. Designed to be simple for any user to read and follow.
  • Start Build
    After we have agreed a design, we would begin the build process and create your template designs so you can see how it operates.
  • Catching Up
    We would share the current development journey and its usability at this stage to check that the product does what you need it to do.
  • Build & Content
    The bulk of our time will be spent here, to guarantee that the build is proceeding as expected and that any necessary changes are implemented successfully. Your platform will be fully tested and programmed to match your requirements. We will ensure it's fully GDPR compliant.
  • Client Testing
    Our systems wouldn't be as successful as they are without input from our clients. At this stage, we would go through testing with you to ensure you understand how the site operates, and to see if it's working as expected.
  • Launch
    After the testing and any amendments take place we would look to set a date for launch and be on hand with any in-the-moment issues which may arise. We are also here to support in ongoing management, maintenance and development of the system.
Simple Website

Simple Website

If you are just looking for a basic site to shout about you and your services then this may suite your needs. Generally included here would be an about page, what services you offer, some testimonials and ways to get in contact.

Prices Starting from £500

E-Commerce Website

Is your site destined to sell online? There's so many ways to sell online now from dropshipping, affiliate selling, subscriptions and the general online shop. We have experience with all the different models, giving you the best options for success.

Prices Starting from £900

Website Development
Blogging Website

Blogging Website

Blogging is a brilliant way to share a range of subjects with your users. These sites are perfect if you are looking at sharing travel advice, recipes or maybe more about you and your work!

Prices Starting from £600

Booking Website

Booking websites are the perfect platform if you are looking to offer appointment booking (e.g. Hairdressers, Restaurants, one to one discussions). These come in all forms and options.

Prices Starting from £800

Booking Website
Website Development

Custom Build Website

Are you looking for something that doesn't fit the norm? We've built everything from search engines, online live fitness training to poker tools. Get in touch and we can go through your requirements to build you the perfect website.

Prices Starting from £2,000

Portfolio Website

Want a website to shine and show what you're made of? These websites are perfect if you want to showcase what you or your business have to offer. These sites are perfect for freelancers who need to instantly show what they're capable of!

Prices Starting from £600

Porfolio Website
Website Development

Landing Pages

Landing / Splash pages are becoming and increasingly lucrative way of converting sales. Sometimes know as funnel pages. They're a page specifically designed to interact and engage your potential users. A landing page could be sales based, something fun (like a custom error page) or a page specifically built for an advertisement link.

Prices Starting from £500

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